Using proprietary technical indicators and manager experience, the fund seeks to add returns to traditional portfolios, while providing downside protection.

• Uses S&P and VIX futures options to perform in various market conditions.

• Employs strict allocation and risk management with limited or no leverage.

• Fee structure based only on performance, aligning fund manager and investor interests.


Markets Traded

S&P 500 and VIX Options plus Futures.

Average Trading Duration

One week to more than one month.

Average Trades

Will not exceed 50 percent of the fund.

Types of Positions

Typically short term (<1month) put credit spreads initiated at strike prices outside of trading ranges determined by proprietary modeling. Based upon market conditions and value call credit spread may be added.


A tested methodology, used by principals who have invested and continue to invest their own capital into the program.

• Achieved solid historic returns in multiple market environments since 2015 and performed in both bull and bear markets.

• Invested in highly liquid markets, a key to trading in declining and volatile markets

• Sound money management, with generally less than 50% of assets           invested at one time